Free Play & Functional Training

Free Play & Functional Training sessions were created to allow Ascension Flight Competitive Players gain additional training by Flight Professional Coaching Staff. Both Free Play & Functional Training sessions create an environment away from the players team where further individualized Coaching can take place, FREE of charge. All sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings, 5:30PM-6:30PM for 9U-12U and 7PM-8PM for 13U+.

Free Play - provides players the opportunity to play freely in several SSG (small sided games) where spaces are limited and touches are maximized. SSG are played in 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 and 7v7 formats. All activities are player lead with conditions/targets for players to achieve during each game.

Functional Training - provides players further individualized training. The Flight focus is to highlight through player experience and Coach feedback, improvements needed for each player. This can include players, technical, tactical and decision making ability.

Ascension Flight recommends players attend as many sessions as possible to maximize it's benefit once they return to their regular team practice. Places are limited to the first 18-players who register. The registration for both Free Play and Functional Training will open every Thursday at 9AM the week before the session is scheduled for and close every Wednesday at 3PM the day of the session.

Goalkeeper Training

The demands of the modern Goalkeeper means that each player in this specialized position needs to be proficient technically, including building from the back, playing a variety of passes to teammates and constantly being the 11th outfield player when their team is in possession of the ball. The modern Goalkeepers tactical understanding and the demand to be competent when reading different stages of the game has grown over the years. Gone are the days where the Goalkeepers involvement in the game is to stop goals being conceded, however this is still a key part of their role within the team. Goalkeepers have arguably the best position on the field to be able read, judge and see situations evolve, which is important when providing their teammates with support and guidance from their vantage point.

All Flight Competitive Goalkeepers are REQUIRED to attend specialized training sessions once per week with our Professional Goalkeeping staff. It is critical for the development of the player to maximize their exposure to situations, thus raising the level of their game. Ascension Flight highlights the importance for Goalkeepers to hone their skills and craft. The development of our Goalkeepers is crucial for our clubs' success.

The registration for Goalkeeper Training will open the Thursday before every session at 9AM and close the day of the session at 3PM.