Program Overview

The Ascension Flight Tournament Team program provides an opportunity for players/teams to play against the comparable competition without the requirements of the traditional ‘Competitive Program’. Teams are formed by Coaches without the need to have a tryout process, Coaches manage their own schedule which includes friendlies and tournaments. Ascension Flight provides teams with game fees for 16 games, typically (8) eight in the Fall Season and (8) eight in the Spring Season. Tournament Teams are responsible for their own entry fees for Tournaments they wish to attend. All-Tournament Teams are 16+ which generally covers those players in grades 9 through 12.

Ascension Flight will provide Tournament Team 1-half of a practice field for 2-days per week in an open space available AFTER Competitive Teams have their slots. All game bookings must be approved by Ascension Flight before they are booked and this can be done via the booking form here.


Tournament Teams can start practicing the week after the Flight Competitive Camp, which is traditionally held in the last week of July. All Tournament Teams must abide by LHSSA policy when ceasing practice, this will be 1-week before High School practice begins, typically at the start of November.

Tournaments Team - FAQs

No, players for Tournament Teams are added by the Coach of that team. If you do not know a Tournament Team Coach, players are able to register for the Recreational League.

Tournament Team players must be in grades 9 through 12.

Yes, Tournament Team players can guest play/club pass with Competitive Teams. LSA policies however, don’t allow Competitive Team players to guest play/club pass with Tournament Teams.

Yes, we recommend all players at Ascension Flight to attend as many FREE additional practices as possible.

Players who play on an Ascension Flight Tournament Team are required to purchase both Gray (Home) and Blue (Away) kits including all matching shorts and socks. All uniforms must have player numbers and include the sponsorship of ‘Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital’ on the front.

Yes, Ascension Flight provides practice space, availability subject to Competitive Team placements for 2 days per week for 1.5 hours.

Tournaments Team COST & Registration

All Tournament Team fees cover both Fall & Spring Seasons and the cost is per player NOT per team.

Fall & Spring Seasons
$265 - not including uniform

Spring Season ONLY
$157.50 - not including uniform

this option is for players who join a team late and is not an option for 1-single season for teams.

New Account Required for 2020/21 Season Registration