youth summer camp

Program Overview

Program Itinerary


The Flight Youth Summer Camp Program is catered to recreational players who :

(1) want to improve their individual ability with and without the ball (Passing, receiving, shooting, dribbling, movement)

(2) become competent at working in groups in 2s, 3s & 4s

(3) to then use those skills in a competitive game-based environment.


8:30am-9am* - Rondos & Team Building 

9am-9:40am - Morning Session 1st Half

9:40am-9:45am- Morning Session Half-Time

10:45am-10:25am - Morning Session 2nd Half

10:25am-10:30am - Morning Session Full Time Review

10:30am-11:30am** - World Cup (Scrimmages)



*Parents can drop off kids from 8am onwards at the CISC Green Pavilion.

**Pickup begins at 11:30pm and goes thru until 12pm at the CISC Green Pavilion.

Dates & Cost

Week #1 : Monday, June 13 to Thursday, June 16

Week #2 : Monday, July 11 to Thursday, July 14

Each camp will cost $150 separately OR $250 total if you register for both weeks on the same day.