Program Overview

The Ascension Flight Development Centers is a soccer training program, designed to improve the players technical skills with emphasis on their decision making. We welcome players from any club, but primarily focus on developing players in Ascension Parish. Although the Development Centers are run by Ascension Flight staff we remain dedicated to the individual player, instead of a team or club.

Ascension Flight Development Centers are based on core skills which is the foundation of everything we do. Our methods are proven and we teach players how to easily work on their game away from organized training.

1 - Control: Improving players first touch on the ground and in the air.
2 - Dribbling & Running with the Ball: Improving players ability to keep the ball close in tight spaces and how to utilize the space in bigger areas.
3 - Passing to Receive - Increase the quality of players short & long passing ability, whilst still focusing on the players control (receiving)
4 - Finishing - Improving players ability to finish, being clinical around the opposition goal.

There will be three Flight Development Centers this Winter. Two during the month of December and one during the month of January. The program is open to players from 7U-14U (2015 thru 2008 Birth Years) - Flight Recreational Players (7U-14U) and Flight Academy Players (8U-9U). The program runs Monday through Thursday. Any days that are rained out and/or cancelled, time will be added to makeup if possible. Friday will also be used as a makeup alternative if several days are rained out.

Dec 2021 - Development Center (Week #1)

Dec 2021 - Development Center (Week #2)

Jan 2022 - Development Center (Week #3)

All sessions will take place from 6pm - 8pm at CISC 

Monday, December 6 thru Thursday, December 9

All sessions will take place from 6pm - 8pm at CISC 

Monday, December 12 thru Thursday, December 15

All sessions will take place from 6pm - 8pm at CISC 

Monday, January 10 thru Thursday, January 13