Program Overview

Flight Competitive Training is an off-season team-based training program. Focussing on age and developmentally appropriate team-based functions, we aim to bridge the development between Fall and Spring seasons.

By focussing on team-based functions that are realistic to the game and at the same time focussing on the individual's technical and tactical ability within each game moment, we will be making sure that we hone in on the individuals passing, receiving, shooting, control and technique with the ball within game-play. This program is available players aged 11U (2010) through 14U (2007) who want to be the best player that they can be for their team.

Flight Competitive Training takes place over 10-weeks (15-sessions) and is open to all players who want a competitive level of training from 11U-14U (2010 through 2007 Birth-Years). The program runs Monday through Thursday. 11U (2010) and 12U (2009) players will participate on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 6:30pm-8pm. 13U (2008) and 14U (2007) players will participate on Monday's and Wednesday's from 7pm-8:30pm.


11U (2010) and 12U (2009) - Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30pm-8pm

13U (2008) and 14U (2007) - Monday & Wednesday, 7pm-8:30pm


  • Sessions 1 & 2 - Monday, November 16th through Thursday, November 19th 

Rainout Day - Friday, November 20th

  • Session 3 - Monday, November 23rd & Tuesday November 24th (no session Thursday, November 26th due to Thanksgiving)

Rainout Day - Wednesday, November 25th

  • Sessions 4 & 5 - Monday, November 30th through Thursday, December 3rd

Rainout Day - Friday, December 4th

  • Sessions 6 & 7 - Monday, December 7th through Thursday, December 10th

Rainout Day - Friday, December 11th

  • Sessions 8 & 9 - Monday, December 14th through Thursday, December 17th

Rainout Day - Friday, December 18th

  • Sessions 10 & 11 - Monday, December 22nd, Tuesday, December 23rd and Monday, December 28th, Tuesday, December 29th - (Changes due to Thanksgiving and New Year Holidays)

Rainout Day - Wednesday, December 23rd and Wednesday, December 30th

  • Sessions 12 & 13 - Monday, January 4th through Thursday, January 7th

Rainout Day - Friday, January 8th

  • Sessions 14 & 15 - Monday, January 11th through Thursday, January 14th

Rainout Day - Friday, January 15th

Cost & Registration

10-Weeks of Training (15-sessions)